Click here to get the track shortcuts.


Type the cheats below at any menu to activate the cheats.
cars            Enable all cars
elnino          Race with the El Nino car
empire        Race on the Empire City track
gofast         Make your car go really fast in Single Race mode
merc          Race with the Mercedes CLK GTR
jag             Race with the Jaguar Sport XJR-15
testdrive     Race with a Mercedes
rushhour     Race with lots of traffic on the road
madland     Removes all constraints from opponent AI. AI cars will drive at their maximum ability.
bullhorn      Makes cops use their bullhorns (Hot Pursuit mode only).
monkey      Allows you to use the manual transmission as if it were an automatic. This can be a significant advantage, since the manual       transmissions are usually more efficient.(available in single player, single-race mode only).
ecop          Gives you the Pusuit El Nino bonus car.
dcop          Gives you the Pursuit Diablo SV bonus car.

Type the cheats below then click RACE to drive different non-player cars.
go01  Miata
go02  Toyota Landcruiser
go03  Cargo Truck
go04  BMW 5 Series
go05  71 Plymouth Cuda
go06  Ford Pickup with Camper Shell
go07  Jeep Cherokee
go08  Ford Fullsize Van
go09  64/65 Mustang
go10  66 Chevy Pickup
go11  Land Rover Discovery
go12  School bus
go13  Taxi - Caprice Classic
go14  Chevy Cargo Van
go15  Volvo Station Wagon
go16  Audi A6 Sedan
go17  Crown Victoria Cop Car
go18  Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car
go19  Grand Am Cop Car
go20  Land Rover Discovery Cop Car
go21  Cargo Truck (same as 03)
go21  Allows you to drive the Knockout loser's truck. (available in single player, single-race mode only).